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Computer Science Extraodinaire

Texas A&M University

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Born in Dallas, Texas from a family of Bangali immigrants, I was raised in Frisco where I grew a huge fascination towards computers, films, music, and Dallas Sports. It all started in the third grade where I got the brand new Apple iPad 2 and knew that I was destined for a career regarding technology. Since then, I got attracted towards coding, started attending Texas A&M University in the lands of College Station, and have been steadily honing in my skills which have now allowed me to make this website!

As far as what this website entails, to put it simply, it is all about me! The site as a whole encompasses both information of all my achievements and accomplishments, along with a taste of my interests and personality. You can read about the various projects I've made in the past few years in college or learn about my service projects. Look at my super interesting and high quality resume, or see what music I am currently listening to. The choice is yours! I definitely won't stop you!

This website, though initialy made as a school project, is a great endeavour of mine that I am proud to share. So look around! Learn about me and my interests. I hope you enjoy your time on this website and catch a glimpse of my forever expanding knowledge in programming!

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